You can host the Terms & Conditions agreement that you create through our Terms & Conditions Generator on TermsFeed, for free.

You can also choose to host the agreement on your website or anywhere else you'd like to host it by downloading the agreement.

TermsFeed can host your Terms & Conditions for free. After you create your agreement, a public link to your agreement is created:

Example of the Public Link to or Download file from Terms and Conditions Generator from TermsFeed App

This public link of your Terms & Conditions will not expire.

Your webmaster or web/app developer can use the public link to add the link to your Terms & Conditions regardless if you operate just a website, or an app, or both.

Here's an example of using the public link in a website's bottom section (the footer):

Example of website footer with links to Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Here's another example of a public link on a mobile app:

Example of mobile app Settings screen with links to privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Your other options to host your Terms & Conditions agreement are:

  • Your own website
  • GitHub Pages
  • A free blog, such as

It's important that Terms & Conditions are accessible by all users so that users can review and review your terms, rules, and guidelines you set in your agreement.

Our Terms & Conditions Generator does not restrict access to your Terms & Conditions when using the public link.