If you prefer to host your Terms & Conditions agreement on your website, you can do so by downloading your agreement from the download page in the following formats:

  • HTML (.html)
  • Text (.txt)
  • DOCX (.docx)
  • Markdown (.md)

To download your Terms & Conditions choose the file format you would to download and click the “Download” button:

Example of Download files buttons from TermsFeed Generator

Your Terms & Conditions agreement might be archived as a .ZIP archive. If your computer is not equipped with an unarchiver application, please download a small and free unarchiver software application that can "unzip" ZIP archives:

  • 7-Zip for Windows systems
  • The Unarchiver for Mac/OS X systems

After the download of your Terms & Conditions agreement is complete, you can use the corresponding format file (HTML or Text).

Here is an example of a recently created Terms & Conditions agreement in HTML format:

Example of generated Terms & Conditions in HTML format

Here's how you can copy the contents of this Terms & Conditions agreement HTML file:

  1. Select the entire text of the HTML file. Make sure the text is selected.

  2. Selected all HTML from the generated Terms & Conditions

  3. Right-click and then click "Copy":

  4. Right-click > Copy on the generated Terms & Conditions

  5. You can paste the copied contents of your Terms & Conditions agreement anywhere you'd like. For example, on a WordPress page:

  6. Example of the Right-click then Paste option selected to paste the agreement on WordPress