You can host your Return & Refund Policy that you create through our Return & Refund Policy Generator on TermsFeed, for free.

You also have the option to host the Return & Refund Policy on your own ecommerce website by downloading the policy on your computer.

TermsFeed can host your Return & Refund Policy for free. After you create your policy, a public link is created:

Public link of a generated policy from Return & Refund Policy Generator

This public link of your Return & Refund Policy will not expire.

The webmaster or web developer of your website can use the public link to add the link to your Return & Refund Policy regardless if you operate your ecommerce website through your own hosting, or through a platform (such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Bigcommerce etc.)

Here's an example of using the public link to link to a Return & Refund Policy in a website's bottom section (the footer):

Example of a website footer section with link to a Return & Refund Policy

It's important that your Returns & Refund Policy is easily accessible to your customers so that customers can review your policy before they buy from your ecommerce store.

Our Return & Refund Policy Generator does not restrict access to your Returns & Refund Policy when using the public link.