TermsFeed is the world's leading generator of legal agreements for websites and apps.

Yes, TermsFeed allows you to host your generated legal agreements and policies for free, at no extra cost.

Because our service can host the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions agreement, Disclaimer, and other legal agreements you create with us, you do not need to create a new page on your website or set up a new screen through your app.

Here's an example of a website footer that links directly to a Privacy Policy and a Terms & Conditions agreement, both created and hosted by TermsFeed:

Example of website footer with links to Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

When you create a legal agreement or policy with us, a public link is made available for you to use to link to your agreement.

Here's an example where the public link is shown on the download page for a recently
generated Privacy Policy:

Link to or Download file from Privacy Policy Generator from TermsFeed App