The EULA Generator from TermsFeed is the world's leading generator of EULA (End-User License) agreements for apps, both mobile and desktop apps.

Our EULA Generator can be used to create custom End-User License agreements for your app business. While the EULA agreement is not mandatory by law (unlike the Privacy Policy that is mandatory by law), it's highly recommended to have this kind of legal agreement for your app business:

  • Mobile apps, including those submitted to Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Desktop apps

Here's how you can use the EULA Generator to create an EULA for your app:

  1. Start the EULA Generator.

  2. Go through the generator's steps so that we can create a custom EULA agreement for your app.

    For example, you can select if the agreement will be used for mobile apps or for desktop apps or for both:

    App TermsFeed: Example question - Where will the Privacy Policy be used?

    Choosing the correct answers to our generator's questions allows our generator to enable and add the necessary clauses for your agreement based on the answer you provide.

    The clauses required for the EULA of a mobile app might be different from those of an EULA for a desktop app.

  3. After you have gone through all the required steps of the EULA Generator, the general will create a custom EULA that you can link to (through the public link) or download to your computer.

    Example of Download files buttons from TermsFeed Generator