How can I download my Cookies Policy?

How can I download my Cookies Policy?

If you prefer to host your Cookies Policy directly on your website, you can do so by downloading your policy from the download page in the following formats:

  • HTML (.html)
  • Text (.txt)
  • DOCX (.docx)

To download your Cookies Policy choose the file format you would to download and click the “Download” button:

Cookies Policy Generator: Copy public link or download file

Your Cookies Policy might be archived as a .ZIP archive. If your computer is not equipped with an unarchiver application, please download a small and free unarchiver software application that can "unzip" ZIP archives:

  • 7-Zip for Windows systems
  • The Unarchiver for Mac/OS X systems

After the download of your Cookies Policy is complete, you can use the corresponding format file (HTML or Text).

Here is an example of a recently created Cookies Policy in HTML format:

Example of a generated Cookies Policy in HTML format

Here's how you can copy the contents of this Cookies Policy HTML file:

  1. Select the entire text of the HTML file. Make sure the text is selected.

    Select the entire HTML of the generated Cookies Policy

  2. Right-click and then click "Copy":

    Right-click > Copy to copy the generated Cookies Policy

  3. You can now paste the contents of the policy anywhere you'd like. For example, on a WordPress page:

    Right-click > Paste to paste the generated Cookies Policy on a WordPress page

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