Yes, TermsFeed allows you to host and link to your generated legal agreements and policies completely for free, at no extra cost.

Once you create a legal agreement, such as a Privacy Policy or a Terms & Conditions agreement, the download page you have access to will have a public link that you can use to link to your agreement.

Here's an example where the public link is shown for a recently generated Privacy Policy:

Link to or Download file from Privacy Policy Generator from TermsFeed App

When you click the "Click to copy" button, the public link to your Privacy Policy will be copied to your keyboard clipboard.

You can then paste the public link anywhere you need it. You can use the Control+V or CMD+V key shortcuts to paste the public link from the clipboard.

For example, you can insert the link to your generated agreement or policy in your website’s bottom section (the footer):

Example of website footer with links to Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions