The team at TermsFeed made a Return & Refund Policy Template available for free download.

Our current "Return & Refund Policy Template" includes the following three sections that might be useful for your ecommerce business:

  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Shipping

We also have a separate Shipping Policy template available for free download.

Please keep in mind that our Free Return & Refund Policy template is not customized for your ecommerce business needs. We recommend that you go through the Return & Refund Policy Generator to create a custom policy customized based on your business needs.

For example, the "Returns" clause in the template specifies a window of "30 days" for returns to be eligible, but you may want less than "30 days" for eligible returns. By using the generator, you can customize the terms of your Return & Refund Policy.

You have 30 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it.[...]

This is why we recommend that you use the Return & Refund Policy Generator instead of downloading the template.