If you choose to host your Return & Refund Policy agreement with TermsFeed, all you need to link to your Return & Refund Policy is the public link.

The public link is a unique link for your Return & Refund Policy. The public link is available on the download page:

Public link of a generated policy from Return & Refund Policy Generator

To use the public link, click the "Copy" button to copy the link to your clipboard.

Once the public link has been copied to your clipboard, you can paste the link anywhere you need to use it.

Squarespace example

Here's how you can link to your Return & Refund Policy if your ecommerce store operates on Squarespace:

  1. Open the footer editor by hovering around the footer section from any page of your website.

    Squarespace Footer Content: Edit

  2. Click on an "Insertion point":

    Squarespace Footer Content: Insertion Point

  3. Select "Text" as a Content Block:

    Squarespace Text Block

  4. Type in "Returns & Refunds Policy", select the text and click on the Link icon:

    Type text Returns & Refunds Policy

  5. When the "Link dialog' appears, paste the public link to your Return & Refund Policy:

    Copy the public link to your Return & Refund Policy