The Disclaimer Generator from TermsFeed is the world's leading generator of Disclaimers for an online business.

Our Disclaimer Generator can be used to create various disclaimers for your business, such as:

  • Fitness disclaimer
  • Affiliate disclaimer
  • Legal advice disclaimer
  • External links disclaimer
  • And much more

Here's how you can use the Disclaimer Generator to create a Disclaimer for your business:

  1. Start the Disclaimer Generator.

  2. Go through the generator's steps so that we can create a custom Disclaimer for your business.

    App TermsFeed: Example question - Where will the Privacy Policy be used?

    Our generator will ask various questions to determine what kind of disclaimers to add and create for your business.

  3. After you have gone through all the required steps of the Disclaimer Generator, the generator will create a custom Disclaimer that you can link to (through the public link) or download to your computer.

  4. Example of Download files buttons from TermsFeed Generator