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Features of the Cookies Policy Generator.

TermsFeed Cookies Policy Generator makes it easy to generate a Cookies Policy for your website or for any projects where a Cookies Policy is required to comply with privacy laws such as GDPR or ePrivacy Directive.

Generate custom Cookies Policies

Generate custom Cookies Policies

Generate a customized Cookies Policy that is specifically built for your unique business in a matter of minutes.

Download your Cookies Policy

Download your Cookies Policy

Once you've created your Cookies Policy, you can download it in multiple file formats such as HTML, DOCX, Plain Text or Markdown.

Update your Cookies Policy

Update your Cookies Policy

Missed an option? Changing your business practices up? Not a problem. Go back to the TermsFeed Generator and update your Cookies Policy.

Edit your Cookies Policy

Edit your Cookies Policy

Need custom text in your Cookies Policy? Not a problem. Use our Live Editor and apply custom edits to it.

Free hosting for your Cookies Policy

Free hosting for your Cookies Policy

Each Cookies Policy created by TermsFeed Generator is hosted for free, the link doesn't expire and you can use it anywhere (your website footer, app store listing page).

Stay up to date when laws change

Stay up to date when laws change

Stay on top of things. Get notified whenever new laws and regulations require you to update your Cookies Policy.

Cookies Policy Generator for websites.

If you use cookies on your website, you'll need to, at minimum, to disclose this in your Privacy Policy. But you should consider having a separated Cookies Policy to better disclose the use of cookies.

A Cookies Policy, or better yet the disclosure of cookies, is required by many privacy laws such as GDPR. In addition to the actual document where you inform website visitors of the use of cookies on your website, getting consent is already required (for example, GDPR requires consent before cookies can be placed on your website).

The cookie disclosures can be part of your overall Privacy Policy, but it's recommended to have a separated Cookies Policy to better inform website visitors of your policy on cookies:

  • What cookies are
  • What type of cookies your website is using (categories of cookies)
  • How visitors can delete / block cookies

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Cookies Policy vs Cookie Consent.

It's important to note the distinction between a Cookies Policy (the document) and Cookie Consent (the notice banner): one discloses, in detail, the use of cookies used and the other one informs (and gets consent!) from users about cookies.

Most likely, you'll need both:

  • A Cookies Policy to inform users of your policy on cookies
  • A Cookie Consent notice banner to allow users to agree or decline cookies to be set on their devices

It doesn't matter what type of platforms you're using to host your website (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc.) or if you self-host. As long as you use cookies (even if for strictly necessary purposes such as authentication cookies), a Cookies Policy is required.

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Start the Cookies Policy Generator questionnaire

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Your custom Cookies Policy is ready

Your custom Cookies Policy is ready

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Integrate the generated Cookies Policy

Integrate the generated Cookies Policy

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Cookies Policy Generator FAQs.

Questions about Cookies Policy Generator before you sign-up? Find the most popular questions answered below.

Yes, the Cookies Policy Generator from TermsFeed is free to use.

Our agreements and policies are free. We sell optional premium agreements with additional clauses (one-time fee) that can protect your business interests better.

Yes, the Cookies Policy Generator from TermsFeed allows you to download the Cookies Policy document as HTML, DOCX or Plain Text.

Use the Cookies Policy Generator from TermsFeed to create a free Cookies Policy for your business.

Copying someone else's Cookies Policy is illegal. Under copyright laws, legal agreements (including a Cookies Policy) are protected by copyright.

A Cookies Policy is an agreement that informs your website users what cookies are, what cookies you use on your website, for what purposes are you using cookies, how users can change their cookie settings.

The purpose of a Cookies Policy is to inform your users what cookies you use, and for what purposes. This helps maintain user privacy rights and protect consumers. It's an agreement that boosts transparency between businesses and users.

A Cookies Policy is important because the GDPR legally requires one. If you fall under the scope of the GDPR and don't have a Cookies Policy, you can face potential fines and legal issues.

They're also important for maintaining consumer privacy rights and keeping your users informed about your practices. They're important for transparency and facilitating user rights.

Your Cookies Policy should include clauses that address the following:

  • Statement that you use cookies
  • What cookies are, briefly
  • What types of cookies you use or allow third parties to use
  • How and why these cookies are in use
  • How a user can opt out of having cookies placed, or remove them

Include a link to your Cookies Policy in your website footer. Also add a link to your Cookies Policy from your cookie consent notice banner.

A Cookies Policy is a sometimes-legally-required agreement that exclusively addresses cookies, what they are, what ones you use and how you use them.

A Privacy Policy is legally required and addresses the collection, use and storage of all types of personal information, including but not limited to cookies.

While both agreements work to protect consumer privacy and boost transparency between businesses and users, a Privacy Policy will have far more information and be more broad than a Cookies Policy.

A Privacy Policy will often include a clause addressing cookies as one of its many clauses.

If you fall under the scope of the GDPR, you must have your Cookies Policy separate from your Privacy Policy. You can (and should) still include a short cookies clause in your Privacy Policy, but you cannot combine the agreements into one.

If you don't fall under the scope of the GDPR and aren't legally required to have a Cookies Policy, you can include a cookie clause in your Privacy Policy that discloses your use of cookies.

If in doubt, always create separate legal agreements. You can cross-reference the agreements across others, for example, by linking your Cookies Policy to your Privacy Policy.

Cookies Policies are legally binding if you get appropriate consent and agreement from your users.

The most common way to do this is to have a pop-up window or banner bar show up the first time someone visits your website. This is called a cookie consent notice.

In this notice, include a statement that you're requesting consent to place cookies and link to your full Cookies Policy. Give users the option to accept or decline your use of cookies via clearly-labeled buttons or a checkbox and ask them to agree to the terms within.

If you don't get clear consent, your Cookies Policy may not hold up in court since a formal contract may not be found to be formed.

How to write your own Cookies Policy.

As an alternative to our Cookies Policy Generator, our Cookies Policy Template can help you write your own policy.

Download Cookies Policy Template

Our template will provide a general structure that you can easily fill in with your own specific details about your cookies usage. The Cookies Policy template is a great option for those who want to fully customize the phrasing and style of their policy.You can download our Cookies Policy Template in a variety of formats to customize: HTML, DOCX (Microsoft Word) or Google Docs (GDoc).

When writing your Cookies Policy, keep the following best practice tips in mind:

  • Always use simple language that's easy to understand. Your readers will appreciate this and it will help keep your Cookies Policy legally compliant.
  • Be transparent and accurate. Get to know exactly what cookies you're using, and disclose it accurately.
  • Make sure to update your Cookies Policy if your cookies usage changes.

Your Cookies Policy should contain the following information, at minimum:

  • What types of cookies you use
  • What cookies do
  • How people can change or revoke cookie consent after it's given

Everything about Cookies Policies.

Practical knowledge about Cookies Policies to help your business get (and stay!) compliant.

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