The Cookies Policy Generator from TermsFeed is the world's leading generator of Cookies Policy for businesses.

Our Cookies Policy can be used to create a custom Cookies Policy for your website.

A Cookies Policy is not mandatory across all countries around the world, but it may be required if your business is from the EU or you have customers from the EU due to the EU Cookies Directive.

Here's how you can use the Cookies Policy Generator to create a Cookies Policy for your business:

  1. Start the Cookies Policy Generator.

  2. Go through the generator's steps so that we can create a custom Cookies Policy for your website.

    For example, you can select if the policy will be used for a website or for a mobile app or for both:

    App TermsFeed: Example question - Where will the Privacy Policy be used?

    Our generator will ask various questions to determine what kind of clauses to add to your Cookies Policy. For example, if your website serves ads to users, select "Yes" at the "Do you show ads on your website?" question:

    Cookies Policy Generator: Do you show ads on your website?

  3. After you have gone through all the required steps of the Cookies Policy Generator, the generator will create a custom Cookies Policy that you can link to (through the public link) or download to your computer.

    Example of Download files buttons from TermsFeed Generator