1. Log in to your Squarespace account.

  2. Once logged in, click on Website:

    TermsFeed Squarespace: Dashboard with Website option highlighted

  3. In the Main Menu, click on Commerce:

    TermsFeed Squarespace: Website - Commerce option highlighted

  4. Scroll down to the Setup section and click on Checkout:

    TermsFeed Squarespace: Website - Commerce with Checkout option highlighted

  5. Scroll down to and click on Checkout Page: Store Policies:

    TermsFeed Squarespace: Website - Commerce with Checkout Page: Store Policies option highlighted

  6. The policies you create here will be displayed at Step 4. Review & Purchase:

    TermsFeed Squarespace: Checkout Pages: Store Policies Preview without added policies highlighted

  7. In order to display your policies on the checkout pages, you need to add the text of your Store Policies:

    To get the text of your policies go to TermsFeed and generate your legal policies for your ecommerce business today.

    Once you have the policies created by TermsFeed, let's get the policy text. You can copy the HTML variant of the policy or download the Plain Text file format.

    Download your policy from TermsFeed Generators:

    Use TermsFeed Return and Refund Policy Generator.

    TermsFeed App: Return and Refund Policy Download page - Download your Return and Refund Policy - TXT file highlighted

    Use TermsFeed Terms and Conditions Generator.

    TermsFeed App: Terms and Conditions Download page - Download your Terms and Conditions - TXT file highlighted

    Use TermsFeed Privacy Policy Generator.

    TermsFeed App: Privacy Policy Download page - Download your Privacy Policy - TXT file highlighted

  8. Paste the contents of the policies in the fields below:

    TermsFeed Squarespace: Website Dashboard - Commerce with Checkout Pages: Store Policies with empty fields highlighted

  9. Now the policies will be displayed on Step 4. Review & Purchase of the checkout page:

    TermsFeed Squarespace: Checkout Page: Step 4. Review & Purchase with Store Policies added highlighted

  10. That's it. You're done.