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GDPR Compliance for Developers

Our guide to help web and app developers with GDPR compliance.

Legal Requirements for Ecommerce Stores

Our guide to help small business owners of online stores with all the legal requirements.


Privacy Policy Generator

If you need a Privacy Policy agreement for your business, you can use the Privacy Policy Generator from TermsFeed.

Disclaimer Examples

When it comes to addressing liability, risks, copyrights and other important topics with your website/mobile app, disclaimers can be very helpful.

How to Add a Privacy Policy to Your WordPress Site

If your WordPress site collects personal information like email addresses or Analytics information, you'll legally need to post a Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions Generator

If you need a Terms & Conditions agreement for your business, you can use the Terms & Conditions Generator from TermsFeed.

Privacy Policy vs Terms & Conditions

While a Terms & Conditions agreement and a Privacy Policy both very different, together they work to keep your users informed, keep your website/app legally compliant, and help you enforce your rules and requirements.


Privacy Policy for Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics tools, such as for advertising or measuring website metrics, you're required to have a Privacy Policy.

5 Reasons Why You Need Terms and Conditions

While a Terms and Conditions agreement isn't legally required, there are a number of reasons why you still need one for your website/app.

Privacy Policies vs. Terms and Conditions

Your Privacy Policy and your Terms and Conditions agreement are both very different. However, they're both incredibly important.

Disclaimer Examples

Learn about a number of different important disclaimers you can use on your website and mobile app including a "views expressed", "no responsibility", "past performance", "fair use", "copyright notice" and others.

Disclosures for Affiliate Links

If you participate in affiliate marketing and stand to make money or receive a benefit - financial or otherwise - for your recommendation or endorsement of something, you must disclose this to the public.