1. Log in to your Shopify Store.

  2. Go to Online Store:

    TermsFeed Shopify: Editor - Online Store highlighted

  3. Click on Pages and Add page button on the upper right corner:

    TermsFeed Shopify: Online Store - Pages and Add Page button highlighted

  4. Type Cookies Policy in the page title field, then click the code button in the content field menu to show the HTML:

    TermsFeed Shopify: Pages - Add Page Title Cookies Policy highlighted

  5. Add the text for your Cookies Policy page.

    If you do not have a Cookies Policy, you can use our Cookies Policy Generator and create it within minutes.

  6. Once you have your Cookies Policy created by TermsFeed, let's get the policy text. Under the Copy your Cookies Policy section, click on Copy this to clipboard:

    TermsFeed App: Cookies Policy Download page - Copy your Cookies Policy section highlighted

  7. Go back to the Shopify Store page. Paste the HTML code into the Content editor field and click Save:

    TermsFeed Shopify: Pages - Paste Cookies Policy HTML code into Content field and click on Save button highlighted

You're done!