You can download these instructions as PDF file.


  1. Log in to GoDaddy.

  2. From the Dashboard, click on Edit Website:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Dashboard with Edit Website option highlighted

  3. When the Website Builder opens, go to Site Menu and click on + to add a new page:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Site Menu with plus add new page option highlighted

  4. Under Add New Item, select the Link to external website option:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Add new Item - Link to external website option selected highlighted

  5. To get the Terms and Conditions URL link, go to the TermsFeed Terms and Conditions Generator. From here you can create a Terms and Conditions and get the hosted Terms and Conditions URL.

    TermsFeed Generators App: Terms and Conditions Download Page - Link to hosted Terms and Conditions URL copy option highlighted

  6. Once you copy the Terms and Conditions URL, go back to GoDaddy's Website Builder. Enter "Terms and Conditions" in the Title field. Paste the generated hosted Terms and Conditions URL in the Website URL field. Then click the toggle for Show in Footer and click the Create Link button at the bottom:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Add Link options - Link Title - Terms and Conditions - and Website URL, Show in Footer and Create Link button highlighted

  7. That's it. You're done.