You can download these instructions as PDF file.


  1. Log in to GoDaddy.

  2. From the Dashboard, click on Edit Website:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Dashboard with Edit Website option highlighted

  3. When the Website Builder opens, go to Site Menu and click on + to add a new page:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Site Menu with plus add new page option highlighted

  4. In the builder on the right side, type "Cookies Policy" Page Title field. Then, click the toggle for Show in Footer and click the Create Page button at the bottom:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Add new Item - Add New Page - Cookies Policy - and options for adding Page Title, Show in Footer toggled and Create Page button highlighted

  5. On the newly created Terms and Conditions page, click the Add Section button:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Newly created empty Cookies Policy page with Add Section button highlighted

  6. In the Add Section menu, scroll to General > Content. On the right side, choose Ideal for long blocks of text and click the Add button:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Privacy Policy page with Add Section menu - General, Content, Ideal for long blocks of text with Add button highlighted

  7. After the section is added, scroll to the Title, Headline and Description fields on the right side:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Privacy Policy page with added Ideal for long blocks of text Section withoptions highlighted

  8. Now you need to add text to your Cookies Policy page.

    If you do not have a Cookies Policy, you can use our Cookies Policy Generator and create one within minutes.

  9. Once you have the Cookies Policy created by TermsFeed, let's get the policy text. You can copy the HTML variant of the policy or download the Plain Text file format:

    TermsFeed App: Cookies Policy Download page - Download your Cookies Policy - TXT file highlighted

  10. Go back to GoDaddy's Website Builder and title the page as "Cookies Policy." Remove the placeholder text under the Headline field. In the Description field, delete the placeholder text first and then paste the text of your Cookies Policy:

    TermsFeed GoDaddy: Website Builder - Cookies Policy page with added section edited and Done button highlighted

  11. You're done!