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The EULA Generator helps you create a custom and professional End-User License Agreement (also called EULA) for your desktop or mobile application.

Save time and legal fees with our all-in-one EULA Generator.

I really enjoyed using TermsFeed. Easy to use, and good value.

My company develops software and web applications. I shared my experience with TermsFeed with my coworkers as a great example of a guided system and product. I liked how the prices were included for each feature and at the end I saw the total cost and then received the EULA document in multiple formats.

Great value. Easy to use.

- generated a EULA.

Having worked on our online bookings software for free for many years, I am not cashed up and was really distressed at the thought of not being able to start up due to cost inhibitive EULA and other legal paper works required usually obtained through local lawyers.

Many online services were not user-friendly and many quite expensive for what they are; to the point choosing a lawyer was a better option.

I cannot express how relieved I was to accidently stumble across TermsFeed with this easy to use tick and flick, create your own EULA and price competitive. Customer service was prompt and helpful, what more could I ask for. Thank you.

I have added my own unique sections to it and can start my new company next week in comfort knowing I am protected.

- generated a EULA.