The Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) Data Privacy Certificate is a professional accreditation that allows industry professionals to further their understanding of privacy and technology.

With the CIPT Data Privacy Certification, individuals can improve their knowledge of privacy technology and make themselves more attractive in the job market.

Data privacy is a growing concern today. That's why both businesses and consumers want to know that their sensitive data is properly protected. And it's why employers hire professionals in data privacy.

This article will provide an overview of the CIPT Data Privacy Certification, including what it covers, why it's useful, and how much you could potentially earn with this certification. Read on.

What is the CIPT Data Privacy Certification?

The CIPT Data Privacy Certification is a professional certificate designed for individuals in information technology (IT) and data protection professions.

This certification helps provide people to get certified with an in-depth understanding of the privacy difficulties and opportunities that digital technology brings. The program covers important topics like privacy laws, best practices for data collection, and risk management, all of which are key in the world of data privacy.

By completing the CIPT Data Privacy Certification program, you will improve your knowledge of privacy technology to more effectively handle privacy concerns within your organization. You'll be able to adequately deal with risk management, both before and after a data breach issue may occur, which helps your company operate more smoothly and securely.

The CIPT certification will help you advance in your career if you're looking to be in the world of compliance, privacy regulations, data audits, and other similar fields.

Why is the CIPT Data Privacy Certification Useful to Have?

Simply put, it will help you stand out to employers. Having the CIPT Data Privacy Certification on your resume will boost your odds of getting hired or advancing your career. If you have a certificate certified in CIPT Data Privacy, you'll give employers one more reason to add you to their roster.

It will demonstrate that you are knowledgeable on issues of data privacy, and that you have taken the time to invest in your career by obtaining the certification.

Plus, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that they've got a team of experts in place to protect their data and that of their customers. Data privacy is an important topic for organizations, and business owners want to know that their data is secure. It's a win-win.

The number of data professionals in the U.S. is growing. To make sure you have a competitive edge in the market, having recognized certificates under your belt can help you stand out in a large pool of applicants vying for the same position.

How Do You Get and Maintain a CIPT Data Privacy Certification?

To get a CIPT certification, you will need to work through the following:

  • Create an account at IAPP: You'll need to create an account on IAPP's website. You can select either a free account, or an annual membership account. Members will get a discount on online training and a practice exam. Membership also includes the recertification fee required to maintain your certification status into the future.
  • Purchase the CIPT exam and additional materials: At the time of writing, here are the costs:

    • CIPM exam: $550
    • Digital Privacy Program Management textbook: $75
    • Digital Practice Exam: $55
    • Online training: $1,195
  • Prepare for the CIPT exam: All of the resources listed above can help you prepare for the CIPT cert exam. Additionally, there are free study resources available online at both IAPP and elsewhere.
  • Take and pass the CIPP exam: You can schedule your exam and take it either in-person or online to fit anyone's schedule and testing preferences. The exam itself must be completed within 2.5 hours. It consists of 90 multiple-choice questions. Note that you must take the exam within one year of purchasing it or you will have to purchase it again.
  • Maintain your certification: To keep your CIPT Certification active, you will need to renew it every 2 years. The renewal fee is $250. IAPP members do not have to pay this fee separately as it is included in the IAPP membership fee.

What Benefits Come With Having a CIPT Data Privacy Certification?

Even with a university degree in data privacy, additional certification in the field comes with unique benefits:

  • Professional authority and credibility. Employers looking to hire or make changes within their organizations will likely look for someone with specific certifications and comprehensive knowledge. Whether you're looking to get a new job or want to climb the ladder in your organization, having a CIPT Data Privacy Certification will give you some clout.
  • Higher income opportunities. The CIPT Data Privacy Certification can increase your chances of earning a higher income. Employers who value data privacy will reward employees with the credentials and know-how to ensure data security. And certification in CIPT Data Privacy provides these credentials.
  • Exposure to work opportunities. Participating in a certification program will give you the chance to network with others in the industry, including employers. This can help expand and grow your career (or start a new one) in new and exciting ways, simply by getting certified.
  • Stand out among other professionals. The data privacy industry may be growing quickly, but so is the pool of professionals competing for the same work opportunities. One way to stand out from the crowd is to have in-demand certifications. Not only will this help you get employers' attention, but it will also better prepare you for the job you take. This will help you make a better name for yourself in the industry and truly stand out from other professionals.
  • Boosted potential for career growth. If you're already working, you may eventually want to make a career switch within the industry. Having a CIPT Data Privacy Certification can make it easier to try different jobs in the field. Not only can you move laterally and likely earn more money for doing the same job now that you're certified, but you can move upwards far more easily. Jobs that you may not fully be qualified for before the certification can open up to you as you boost your credentials with the CIPT certification.
  • Better entry level positions. If you're new to the world of data privacy but looking to get a running start on advancing out of entry level work, having a CIPT certification can help. Employers often list job experience as a requirement for a job opening. But this can be a deterrent for professionals just entering the workforce. To make up for a lack of experience, having a CIPT Data Privacy Certification can be a selling point in a job interview for a position that you otherwise may not be able to qualify for.
  • Stay motivated on the job hunt or career path. Having a CIPT certification is something you'll have to maintain with dues and fees. This will likely help encourage you to make the most of it, and utilize it to your benefit. It will also keep you motivated to keep growing.

Is Having a CIPT Data Privacy Certification a Requirement For Any Jobs?

No, there is no specific job or career that requires anyone to have a CIPT Data Privacy Certification in order to hold that job or take that career path. Unless a job listing or employer specifies CIPT Data Privacy Certification as a requirement, there's no need to be certified to get a job as a data privacy professional. Typically, employers will list this certification as an asset, but not necessarily as a requirement.

However, having this certification on your resume can be just enough to nudge employers in your direction. In fact, it may be just the thing that gets you hired.

What Jobs Can You Get With a CIPT Data Privacy Certification?

The pool of job titles for CIPT professionals with Data Privacy Certification is vast. In fact, many of the job titles in data privacy fall under technology functions.

Businesses that hire information privacy technologists may use a range of job title names. Here are just a few job titles open to certified data privacy specialists:

  • Security Advisor
  • Senior Privacy Engineer
  • Data Protection Endpoint Security Ops
  • Privacy Program Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Protection Officer

Regardless of what job you have, having this certification can help boost your credentials and qualifications.

What is the Average Salary For CIPT Data Privacy Certified Professionals?

Your pay as a CIPT Data Privacy Certified professional depends on a few things, like your experience, specific job title, and location. That said, annual salaries range from roughly $55,000 to $152,000. The pay rate can even exceed $200,000 for heavily experienced and educated data privacy technologists.

Here are the current average salaries at the time of writing for the above-mentioned job titles, according to Zip Recruiter:

  • Security Advisor: $54,935
  • Senior Privacy Engineer: $141,916
  • Data Protection Endpoint Security Ops: $152,773
  • Privacy Program Manager: $182,377
  • Data Analyst: $97,635
  • Data Protection Manager: $132,962

What Does a CIPT Data Privacy Certified Professional Do?

CIPT Data Privacy certified professionals can perform the following tasks across a range of industries:

  • Implement cybersecurity risk reduction strategies
  • Facilitate safe and efficient data use for operational purposes
  • Build privacy-based products and processes
  • Pinpoint opportunities and challenges of innovative
  • Determine how to safely use technologies to ensure customer privacy
  • Protect data from getting into the wrong hands
  • Design privacy-minded software
  • Set up privacy practices for data security
  • Communicate privacy issues with management and legal departments

Remember: While no job title in general explicitly requires anyone to have a CIPT certification, it can help you perform well in a wide range of jobs and career paths.


While a CIPT Data Privacy Certificate is not always required by employers, it's a nice accreditation to accompany your resume. To recap, here are some of the reasons why enrolling in the CIPT Data Privacy Certificate program is worth doing:

  • Network with industry professionals and employers
  • Gain professional credibility
  • Expose yourself to more job openings
  • Stand out from the crowd of other applicants
  • Boost income opportunities
  • Open up more avenues for career growth

Your income will likely increase, and your desirability amongst recruiters will as well after obtaining your certification.

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