Having a good "About Us" page can have a number of pretty amazing benefits for your business, including:

  • Making your company seem more trustworthy
  • Giving you a human element and heartfelt relatability that consumers seek
  • Providing a platform to tell your story
  • Differentiating you from your competitors

This article will go further into these benefits and offer guidance for creating your own perfect "About" page.

How to Write Your "About Us" Page

How to Write Your

Writing your "About Us" page on your website can actually be really fun and enjoyable. The page is a space for you to get creative, personal, and basically initiate a personal introduction with your customers. It's where you can bring your brand to life in a social, expressive way and really put your best foot forward to the public.

Here are 6 points to remember when creating your "About Us" page so that you'll make the most positive impact possible and win over your customers' hearts and their business.

Be factual.

The "About Us" page is a way to earn trust and there's no quicker way to lose that trust than to be caught lying to the public.

Make sure that any claims you make, the information you divulge or the things you say in your "About Us" page are actually true.

Write in a friendly style, but tailor it for your audience.

Really consider who you're writing for and who your customer base is. While the rule that you should tailor your website writing to your client base stands true for all areas of your website, this is perhaps most important in the "About Us" page.

You can have the best product ever for a new mom, but if she doesn't trust the way you portray your company in the "About Us" section, she probably won't buy it.

Likewise, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company may be considering your product, but if your "About Us" page isn't written with enough of a professional tone of authority, you may lose that enterprise customer to a different company that does the same thing as you but talks about it better.

Don't use a lot of jargon in your "About Us" page.

Write simply and clearly, in a friendly and realistic tone that you know your specific audience will relate to and appreciate. If it sounds to gimmicky or like an inflated sales pitch, it might repel potential customers.

Put important things first.

People have short attention spans and you won't have much time to either win them over or lose them to another company.

Think about what the most important things you want to convey are, and put these things first.

Use formatting.

Another thing you can do to help present information effectively and help keep a reader's attention is to use formatting.

Write short and simple sentences, shorter paragraphs, and use things like bullet points, images to break up text, and different sized or bold font.

Little things like breaking up a paragraph or turning a longer sentence into a bullet-pointed list can go a long way when someone's reading your page.

Be personal, authentic and heartfelt.

Tell your story. Be real. Like we said earlier, the "About Us" page is the place where you get to differentiate your company and your products from every single other similar company out there in the world.

Here's where your personal story can make all the difference. People love seeing the story behind the business and what inspired it all. Ask yourself:

  • What or who inspired you to create your company or your products?
  • What are you adding or hoping to add to the world with your company or products?
  • How has your company/products changed your life and the life of those around you?

You won't lose credibility with people for being a huge, reputable company now that was in the past a part-time basement hobby.

In fact, quite the opposite. People love a success story, and love to support things they can relate to.

Get in touch with what inspired you and tell it in a way that can inspire others, and it more likely than not will do just that.

Use pictures, or even videos.

Consider adding a picture or even a video of behind the scenes at your company, or something that shows who and what you're all about. Even an artistic picture of your top-selling product can make your "About Us" page stand out from text-only pages.

Use real people. What do your employees and customers say?

People relate to people. When you're selling a product or service, the best way to make people see how it can benefit them and be used in their own lives is to do just that: Show them how it benefits others and is used by others, just like them.

Customer testimonials are a tried and true way to demonstrate the effectiveness and popularity of a product. Call on your customers to submit testimonials that you can then use to let their talking speak for your product.

It also helps build trust in a company and give faces to the name when you showcase your employees on your "About Us" page. Your customers will enjoy seeing that glimpse into your company, and it will remind them that there are real people behind the product.

Examples of "About Us" Pages

Examples of

Let's take a look at some "About Us" pages from various companies that do a fantastic job of presenting themselves to the world.


Logo of Copyblogger

Copyblogger's About Us page starts with a picture of what looks like part of the office setting of the company. This right off the bat gives a reader a sense of the style of the company, and gives an inside look at the behind the scenes of it.

Copyblogger About page updated

The language used by Copyblogger on their "About Us" page is cool and casual while remaining professional.

You find out that "since 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage."

Copyblogger makes it clear right away that this is a group of real people who you can actually look at, that will steer you away from the "crap.":

Copyblogger About page bland corporate crap statement highlighted

After setting the tone, the story is told. We find out that the company started out as a one-man blog and now is an 8-figure company, which it achieved through tiime and effort. It also reminds readers that even though the company has grown from small to ultra-successful, its mission to help businesses reach their goals hasn't changed. That's impressive, but not boastful:

Copyblogger About page company history section highlighted

Photographs and short bios of some of the employees are included, which really helps give a face and more personality to the company:

Copyblogger About page employee profiles section

There's a good use of formatting with paragraphs being short, and sometimes even just standalone sentences. Bullet points are also used. All of this makes the page much easier to read:

Copyblogger About page bullet list highlighted

A "call to action" button at the end of the "About Us" is a really smart idea so that when your readers are done reading the page, they can immediately sign up or shop on your website.

Copyblogger About page free training subscribe form

Petit Vour

Petit Vour logo

Petit Vour's "Our Story" page starts off with a paragraph that describes the beginnings of the company, followed by large photos of the founders:

Petit Vour Our Story page: Meet the Founders section

The page goes on to explain the meaning behind the name of the company, and the overall intended image of the company as "a lifestyle brand for the modern woman." Both of these sections are in short paragraphs, which makes them inviting and easy to digest:

Petit Vour Our Story page: Brand description section

The page ends with a "What People are Saying" section, which is a rotating selection of customer reviews. This helps connect current customers with the brand, and makes potential customers feel more comfortable to trust shopping with Petit Vour:

Petit Vour Our Story page: Customer review section


Logo of HubSpot

HubSpot's About Us page really showcases its story and history in a colorful, interactive way. You can watch a short video or read a brief summary of how the company got started:

HubSpot About page: Our Story video section

If you're curious about the timeline of growth of the company, a scrollable "Our History" timeline is included:

HubSpot About page: Our History section

HubSpot then goes on to provide links and opportunities to learn about its CRM Platform and the different Hubs available:

HubSpot About page: Our CRM Platform section

This is a fantastic way to showcase both the people and the products behind the company's success.


Lambs logo

Lambs uses its About Us page to present a letter from the company's CEO, Art Calenge. This is a powerful way to make a CEO relatable to the general public, and convey the roots of the company in a personal, intimate way:

Lambs About page: Letter from the CEO - Intro section

Lambs sells clothing and accessories that block radiation and EMF's, which means it caters to a more health-conscious and scientifically-aware audience. Because of this, the CEO's letter is packed with interesting information, facts, figures, links to studies, quotes and other very informative components that help give merit to the purpose behind the brand:

Lambs About page: Letter from the CEO with quotes and studies highlighted

The letter transitions into describing why the products were made, and why they're special. This helps tie the science and backstory into the products offered today. Art ends his letter with a thank you, an invite for anyone to reach out to him with questions, and a note that he personally reads every email.

This gives a warmth to the company and really shows how much heart has gone into its creation and its products:

Lambs About page: Letter from the CEO - Product section

Jared Christensen

Jared Christensen logo updated

It isn't only big companies with big missions that can have great "About Us" or in some cases, "About Me" pages.

Check out how user experience designer Jared Christensen makes his website's About page a flowing blend of personal, professional, and humorous by adding professional credential facts in with bits of personal information and personality.

Jared Christensen About page: Intro section

At the end of his introduction and bio, he includes links to some other resources where you can learn more about him and what he professionally has to offer. This is a great way to keep your About page short while still giving readers the option to dive deeper if they wish to:

Jared Christensen About page: Links section

As you can see, there definitely isn't a one-size-fits-all format for your "About Us" page.


The common goals for this kind of page, regardless of what you're trying to sell, from apparel to yourself (in a legal way), are to:

  • Gain a reader's trust
  • Tell an interesting, factual story about your brand
  • Bring some personality to your company
  • Talk in a tone your readers would want
  • Have fun sharing your inspiration or goals with the people who are helping make that a reality

Your company is different than everyone else's, even if it maybe seems like it isn't. Capture what it is that makes you different, and put it on your "About Us" page to really bring your brand and business to life in a unique, meaningful way.

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