Earn up to 50% commission for new customers you refer to TermsFeed.

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Benefits of our affiliate program.

Generous commissions, marketing assets and fast payouts.

Generous commissions

For each new customer you refer to TermsFeed that purchases their first premium agreement, you will earn 50% commission on their purchase.

Marketing assets

We'll provide you with all the necessary assets, such as banner ads, icons, videos and other types of content that you can use on your website, blog or email newsletters.

Unified dashboard

Our affiliate program runs through ShareASale where you can view up-to-date data on our partnership and performance.

How our affiliate program works.

Our affiliate program is very easy to use: sign up, promote, earn.



Sign-up for our affiliate program through ShareASale.



Promote TermsFeed using the variety of marketing assets we've made available.



Earn up to 50% commissions for new customers you refer to TermsFeed.

Affiliates FAQs.

Here's what you need to know about our affiliate program.

With the affiliate program from TermsFeed, you can earn up to 50% commission for new customers you refer to TermsFeed that purchase any of our Agreements & Policies. For a first $120 USD premium agreement purchased by a new customer, you'll receive $60 USD.

Once you have signed-up on ShareASale (the platform we use to manage our affiliate program) and been approved, you will have access to a special link that you can use to promote TermsFeed.

Using this link enables us (and you) to see details including how many people you have referred to the website, how many new customers you have referred, and your earned commissions.

Our commission starts at 50%. This 50% commission is based on the final amount the customer pays for their first premium agreement as we do not have fixed prices.

For example, if a new customer purchased a first premium Privacy Policy for $100, you would receive $50.

Please note that commission payments are only made for successfully completed purchases and only for our Agreements & Policies (excluding subscription-based products for now). If a customer requests a refund, the affiliate will not receive a commission.

To join our affiliate program, you must complete the sign-up form on ShareASale.

We will assess your application as soon as possible and let you know if you have been approved.

To apply, please provide us with the following:

  • A list of websites you will be using to promote TermsFeed
  • A list of marketing methods you will be using to promote TermsFeed

Below are some examples of audiences that we think are a good match. If your website audience fits any of the following categories, sign-up for our affiliate program!

  • Ecommerce businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Tech startups news, tips and all things related to tech startups
  • All things related to web and mobile development where the audience is primarily composed of programmers, coders and freelancers
  • Online marketing experts or businesses that teach their users about online marketing strategy and techniques
  • Experts or businesses related to Small Business (SMBs), including how to start a SMB or how to run a SMB

Consider who is the ideal customer of our products:

  • Is starting a new online business, app, startup
  • Is starting a new website, mobile app, software app. Developers and programmers are included.
  • Is searching for legal compliance requirements on its business, be it an ecommerce business or a SaaS business.
  • Is interested in best practices related to this range of legal agreements, e.g. where to host my agreements, how to name my agreements etc.

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