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FAQ's About Terms Agreements for Businesses

In this article, we'll be looking at some common questions relating to Terms and Conditions agreements for businesses. We'll be covering areas such as: Some of the terminology used...

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How to Add Terms and Conditions in Blogger (Blogspot)

A Terms and Conditions agreement is like a how-to guide for the use of your site. It covers topics like sharing intellectual property, community standards, use restrictions and...

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Terms and Conditions for Online Auction Platforms

Writing a Terms & Conditions agreement can be a daunting task for any website, but auction platforms come with their own particular legal obstacles. Each clause will need to...

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How to Add Terms and Conditions to Your WordPress Site

While you aren't required by law (even the GDPR) or any third parties to have a Terms and Conditions agreement (T&C), you should still consider including one with...

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Legal Issues with User Generated Content

User Generated Content is a great way for your company to build brand awareness, interact with your customer base, and improve your website's search engine ranking. Allowing visitors...

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Terms and Conditions for Marketplaces

If you own or operate an online marketplace, it's important that you post a Terms and Conditions agreement on your marketplace website. Your Terms and Conditions is where...

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