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Privacy Policy for Android Apps

If your Android app collects personal information (and it's highly likely that it does), you must create a legally compliant Privacy Policy. Google regularly penalizes developers that fail to...

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Privacy Policy for iOS Apps

Apple holds iOS app developers to very high standards. Every app hosted on the Apple App Store must work properly, collect user data responsibly, and have a legally-compliant...

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Privacy Practices for User Location

Just a decade or two ago, it would have seemed bizarre to suggest that everyone would soon be carrying a device in their pocket that logs their movements...

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Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID Policy

A number of Android app developers have received a strongly worded email from Google recently. This email warns the developer that their app could be removed from the...

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GDPR and Mobile Apps

By passing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union is seeking to bring individuals greater privacy, security, and control over their personal data. Implementing the...

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Android Collection of Data and Sensitive Data

Android is an open source platform designed to encourage third-party developers. There are now well over two million Android apps, many of them produced by small businesses or...

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