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EULA vs Free Software License

Most software available today is licensed, not purchased. Consumers have no shortage of products to consider, and those with good programming skills often choose software with open code...

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Custom EULA to Meet Apple's Minimum Requirements

If you develop apps for distribution in the Apple App Store, Apple provides a default EULA that you can choose to use for your app. This default EULA will...

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EULA During Installation

An EULA, or End User License Agreement, is a legal contract between a publisher of a software application and the end user who uses that software application. The...

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EULA for SaaS apps

You will always need a Terms and Conditions for your SaaS app, but you might not always need an End User License Agreement, or EULA. The EULA agreement is...

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How to License Software

Your choice of a license agreement for software application depends on on what you wish to grant to a user. While most software apps only use the End-User License...

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Android's Default EULA

Android apps are not required by Google Play to include an End User License Agreement ("EULA"). However, having an EULA in place regardless can be a good thing for...

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